Global Technological System
System Intgration / Data Automation

Real-time data

Automated data collection from multiple sources, real-time data display and formalization data of any type and volume.

Business Intelligence

Developments and integrations tools and platforms of business intelligence and operational display of multi-dimensional data. Creating a system of analysis and production reporting.

Server Hardware

Installation, configuration and support of reliable server platforms, with high fault tolerance, based on Hewlett-Packard technologies.

Platforms and technologies

PI System allocated data collection
Oracle BI system
Development software applications
Responsive web design
Hewlett-Packard servers hardware

Unified Information Systemof Production Data on PI System platform

The diverse map of technological hardwares OSIsoft logo  Extract
Diverse sources of production data Storage
Technological real time data, locked in isolated control systems Notification
Reports, Balances
Technical indicators and business-analytic relying on off-line data Proactive TT
Optimization scenarios

Oracle Business Intelligence, comprehensive, modern and market-leading platform that provides the best industrial solution for ad-hoc queries, business intelligence, enterprise reporting, mobile analytic, production indicators, multidimensional OLAP and predictive analytic in the architectural-integration business intelligence systems. This technology of business intelligence allows organizations to innovate, optimize processes, predict outcomes, and display live data at extremely high performance


ASP.NET highly professional web platform based on famous .NET Framework, from Microsoft, allow to create an enterprise-class Web application server of any complexity and high loads. It supports all modern web technology and allows to work with an adaptive design and mobile devices

Responsive design
  • Responsive web design
  • Individual corporate style
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • 100% HTML5
  • Using ECMAScript 5, jQuery, Ajax
  • Supporting all modern technologies and web standards

Reliable server hardware of Hewlett Packard

Powerful, converged, software-defined, with a high degree of fault tolerance, ready to use in the clouds, servers of Hewlett Packard, based on Intel processors.

HP servers

Efficiency of integration solutions

marketingbuzzUnified model of production data, structured and classified in accord with the requirements of the production technology and business strategy
laptop133Instant access into unified information spaces to current and historical data for the purpose of analysis and decision making

data analyticsIncrease situational awareness of heads of different levels
car20Regulated system of decisions-making controls on production activities

pie30Reducing time to formation operational reports of industrial activity of any complexity
chart58Reducing risks for interpretations productions activity results of all enterprise departments

website22Getting a universal tool for operational dispatch control production
line26Increasing efficiency of operational management at all levels of production

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Unified Informational System
of Productions Data
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